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  • adj. Not ratified

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  • adj. lacking legal authority


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un- +‎ ratified


  • It may remain unratified indefinitely, but that’s not the same thing.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted

  • There are many unratified treaties pending before the Senate.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted

  • Under the Vienna Convention (also unratified, but recognized as codifying interpretive principles of customary international law), states that have signed a treaty are not to act so as to undermine it until it has been ratified or rejected by the ratifying body (i.e. unsigning is not contemplated).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Baltazar Garzón Indicted

  • While several of the powers that would make up the Typhon Pact had begun discussing an alliance more than a year ago, it had only been within the last half-year that a general, albeit still unfinalized and still unratified, agreement had been reached among five of them; the sixth, the Tzenkethi Coalition, had only recently decided to join.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire

  • Based upon an unratified draft of the group's preamble and their emphasis on staging "teach-ins," not much.

    Mark Cassello: Occupy Chicago Regroups After Recent Success

  • As we sit down in his office, the tall Texas transplant raises the still-unratified Colombia free trade agreement, which has been in the news recently.

    Jeb to GOP: How to Appeal to Hispanics

  • Amazingly, the "extraneous spending" to which they seek to put a stop now includes not only typical Democratic measures like a "$1.9 billion increase for new Race to the Top grants, $250 million increase for new and expanded programs to implement the health care bill," but a "$624 million increase for programs related to the unratified START Treaty."

    Russ Wellen: How Does Staying Mum on Israel's Nukes Help the Peace Process?

  • Yes, you promised, but as I neither asked nor answered, it was unratified.


  • UPDATE: A reader points out that among the acts of the Federal government that would be delegitimized by a restoration/ratification of the unratified original 13th Amendment would be the act that gave statehood to Iowa, which happened in 1846.

    Iowa GOP Embraces Plan To Strip Obama's Citizenship For Accepting Nobel Prize [UPDATE]

  • When Bush and Cheney left the White House, they left in place five general ways to make laws: instruct Congress what to do, rewrite what Congress does with a signing statement, by-pass Congress with an executive order (or executive decree, or unratified treaty), by-pass everybody with a secret memo from the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), and simply create illegal practices without any justification.

    Bring Back the Signing Statement


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