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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of unravel.


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  • If yesterday's fragile deal unravels, which is possible despite the attempt to talk up its importance to Europe's financial stability, the only alternative will be to turn to Washington.

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  • You know, by the time you strip a song down to just lyrics and the story that's inside the lyrics and the first feeling that that provokes in you, you have something personal, and you build from there, you know, and it kind of unravels and changes shape on its own as we keep rehearsing it and I'm learning lyrics and moving the phrases around, and it kind of happens.

    Lizz Wright, Back with 'Dreaming Wide Awake'

  • "I'd like to see him go the way of Isadora Duncan-like his bow tie kind of unravels when he's in a convertible, and it wraps around the right rear tire of the car and then it chokes him and decapitates him."

    Over Easy, Mme. Romaine

  • Once these are relaxed, the mind "unravels" and goes to pieces.

    The Problems of Psychical Research Experiments and Theories in the Realm of the Supernormal

  • Alain Le Roy, the UN peacekeeping chief, told reporters that the reason for more troops is three-fold: securing the humanitarian convoys; creating a "humanitarian corridor," and building a reserve force in case the situation "unravels" further, he said.

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  • The first is that every "solution" it hammers out unravels before it can be implemented, thanks to the profound psychological upheaval caused by the U.S. debt debate and the downgrade by Standard & Poor's along with the global slowdown prompted by the end of the Fed's QE2 program.

    Europe Must Produce Fudge of Much Higher Quality

  • A few public records requests and the whole thing unravels pretty quickly for Kaufer.

    More Fallout from this Weekend’s Labor Revolt Against the Democrats « PubliCola

  • And so it is that AT&T swings wildly as its $39 billion bid for T-Mobile unravels.

    Dave Saldana: Losing on the Facts, AT&T Turns to Smears

  • A case can be made that if that one part is found unconstitutional then it unravels other parts - you can't have a prohibition on pre-existing conditions unless you have mandatory participation.

    A Work-Free Drug Zone « PubliCola

  • The film unravels somewhat predictably until the always watchable Gladys George comes in as a peppery prison wife.

    2010 May :


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