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  • adj. Not having been received.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not received; not taken; not come into possession; not embraced or adopted.


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un- +‎ received


  • Von could still feel their link, but whenever he tried to reach Dante, his sending would vanish—a message unsent and unreceived, like an e-mail hovering in the Ethernet waiting for a downed server to reboot so it could slide into the appropriate inbox.

    Etched in Bone

  • I am simply saying that the disproportionately exhaustive process of pitching to editors, querying potential clients and calling to follow up on the status of unreceived paychecks, is far too undesirable by contrast.

    Susanna Speier: New Year's Neuroeconomics Politiku

  • Enqueued, undeliverable, unreceived: surely everyone knows that the Constitution gives a war-time President the right to vacation-bounce?

    Marty Kaplan: Bush to EPA: "Hi. Thanks for Writing. Between Now and January 20, I Won't Have Access to Email."

  • MS. MYERS: No. Q the President made, you said, a couple of phone messages now to him, unreceived on the other end.

    Press Briefing By Dee Dee Myers

  • He was in excellent spirits and although I did not think it tactful to refer to it, it was evident his little difference with the colonel about the unreceived orders had not affected him.

    Greener Than You Think

  • But stupidity had no sex with her and I equally well remember her spying down upon a stranger sent to call upon her by a mutual friend, and dismissing him unreceived after one glance from her window, remarking – "His face is as handsome and as meaningless as the full moon."

    The Single Hound: Poems of a Lifetime

  • The questions he put to my sister proved that he had not kept pace with recent events in the movement and was unaware of the tremendous demand made by women themselves for the vote as evidenced by the resolutions, petitions, and unreceived deputations of organised societies of working and professional women, quite apart from the unions that had sprung up everywhere expressly in support of the Suffrage.

    Prisons and Prisoners: Some Personal Experiences

  • They had a vested interest in this matter, and were present, accompanied by their grief at value unreceived.


  • So after all His gifts there is more yet unreceived to possess.

    Expositions of Holy Scripture

  • Oh, brethren, the message of love can never come into a human soul, and pass away from it unreceived, without leaving that spirit worse, with all its lowest characteristics strengthened, and all its best ones depressed, by the fact of rejection.

    Expositions of Holy Scripture : St. Matthew Chaps. IX to XXVIII


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