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  • adj. That cannot be recorded.


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  • The ‘dial-in’ mentality, so beloved of the middle-aged male, especially one involved in the technology field, has inherent flaws if it does not take into account the dark matter, the metaphysical, the non-observable and unrecordable.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The consequences of what might have been are indeed unrecordable.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The consequences of what might have been are by their nature unrecordable.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • I also discovered that Turner Broadcasting, the HallMark channel, ABC and NBC were unrecordable in the same way.

    Blocking of internet and cable programming to Mexico

  • No DRM -- staggered metadata instead SoundExchange's executive director Jon Simson said his organization would cap minimum per-station fees if webcasters worked to make their webcasts unrecordable -- one assumes through the use of some sort of digital rights management technology.

    Webcasting Royalties: A Modest Proposal

  • When the fact that one is a total nonentity who's done nothing more outstanding than eating, sleeping and chatting with neighbors becomes a fact worthy of pride, of announcement to the world and of diligent study by millions of readers -- the fact that one has built a cathedral becomes unrecordable and unannounceable.

    The Fountainhead

  • She was not actively or consciously doing this; in the strictest sense she was not doing it at all; it was doing itself, obscurely and spontaneously, by the operation of subliminal forces of which she knew almost nothing, and to which her personality bore no more than the relation of a mountain range to unrecordable volcanic fusions deep down in the earth.

    The Street Called Straight

  • Kent sprang to his feet, and what he said is unrecordable.

    The Grafters

  • To understand the legitimate aspect such a theft bore, it is necessary to have also understood the unrecordable codes that govern the genus pratique, into which the genus gamin, when at maturity, develops.

    Under Two Flags

  • Rangers-Celtic breaks the dial, Barcelona-Real Madrid hits the red zone and Manchester United-Liverpool is almost unrecordable.

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