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  • adj. Not recoverable; that cannot be recovered.
  • adj. From which recovery is not possible.

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  • Incapable of being recovered, found, restored, or obtained again; not obtainable from a debtor; irrecoverable: as, an unrecoverable article of property; an unrecoverable debt.
  • Not capable of recovering; incurable; irremediable.

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  • adj. incapable of being recovered or regained


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un- +‎ recoverable


  • Companies such as AdvancePath Academics scoop up students classified as unrecoverable by traditional schools and help them complete their education.

    Reason Magazine

  • O'BRIEN: If that failed, however, then you've got another situation which could cause a lot of what they call, what the investigators call parasitic drag, which is another way of saying forcing it into a steep left bank, and ultimately if it's unrecoverable -- in other words, if the other control surfaces here cannot compensate for it, that could very well put it into a spin, an inverted position that cannot be recovered no matter how hard the pilot tries -- John, any other thoughts?

    CNN Transcript Jan 8, 2003

  • Loans categorized as "unrecoverable" amounted to 3.1% of its portfolio.

    A Formula Shift

  • Perhaps you recall Chris who had the "unrecoverable" hard drive that Apple wouldn't let him keep?

    UPDATE: Apple: No, You Can't Have Your Data Back, We're Keeping It - The Consumerist

  • In Gauteng, in all departments, any public servant was entitled to apply for the package and the only valid reason for tuning down an application was that the loss of staff member would cause "unrecoverable" harm to the service.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • He was said to have died in the crash, his remains "unrecoverable" according to government records.

    Vaughan, Robert R.

  • When I was eight years old, my father was declared "unrecoverable".


  • Friday morning but it's good to have a realistic view of how close we came to the "unrecoverable"

    Phil’s Stock World

  • A tingling prelude to unrecoverable embarrassment rushes through me as I search for my left hand.

    Left Neglected

  • The Chargers got rid of Brees because they thought he had an unrecoverable injury, not because he was a bust.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Unpredictability of Quarterbacks


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