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  • adj. Not recruited.


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un- +‎ recruited


  • He went undrafted out of high school and mostly unrecruited by top baseball colleges.

    Capsule profiles of the 2007 first-rounders

  • Also new: this remarkable front-page NYT article from Saturday on the end of varsity possibilitities for unrecruited male college athletes.

    09/22/2002 - 09/29/2002

  • Mr. President, before the praise of New England has died on my lips, that I believe the best product of her present life is the procession of seventeen thousand Vermont Democrats that for twenty-two years, undiminished by death, unrecruited by birth or conversion, have marched over their rugged hills, cast their Democratic ballots and gone back home to pray for their unregenerate neighbors, and awake to read the record of twenty-six thousand Republican majority.

    The Art of Public Speaking

  • The Chinese garrison, ill-paid and unrecruited, gradually lost the semblance of a military force, and was not to be distinguished from the rest of the civil population.


  • Is it probable that the African race, represented by less than two million blacks and a little more than two million mulattoes, unrecruited by immigration, will be a persistent race in this country? or will it be absorbed, diluted, and finally effaced by the white race, numbering twenty-four millions, and continually increased by immigration, beside natural causes.

    Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence

  • He was a high school star who went unrecruited by big-time college programs, then was a college star who went undrafted by the NBA. -- Top News

  • Lin credits the connection with Fields to their time spent back in Palo Alto, Calif., where Lin -- a Palo Alto native who'd gone unrecruited by Stanford despite playing high school ball across the street -- would join Fields and his Cardinal teammates for pick-up games.

  • This is the power of March Madness, where a little guard from Iowa City can go from unrecruited by Division I schools out of high school to forcing the college basketball world to learn to pronounce Ah-LEE Fuh-ROAK-muh-NESH. - Highschool

  • Undersized and unrecruited, he walked on at his beloved


  • After leading Lincoln Way East to Illinois's big-school state championship as a senior, Kropp was practically unrecruited - concerns about his size barely six feet and arm strength

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