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  • adj. Not referenced.


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  • It identifies a page as "unreferenced", urging editors to add citations, and lists the page in the reference needed category.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • Fictionally on offer the tightly regimented and disciplined home, the communal kneeling and recitation of the evening rosary, usually a black sheep in the midst hinted at obliquely, the deaths left unreferenced and unexplained, perhaps a political past to contend with.

    47 entries from February 2008

  • First comes the generalised and unreferenced assertion of problems in the surface thermometer record, coupled to the traditional assertion that satellite temperature measurement is free of problems.

    It's always the third goddamn reviewer that screws us over

  • Rather than honest criticism, the claims made were boldly exploiting unreferenced half-truths and exaggerating the importance of minutiae while, as always, cloaked in complete anonymity.

    Relative pronouns in Etruscan

  • Instead of using additional estimates from those same brochures that only 3-5% of that area is directly impacted, the study used vaguely-worded, unreferenced and unsupportable biological justifications to include the other 95-97% in their analysis.

    Matt Wasson: Misleading "Energy Sprawl" Study Pollutes Climate Debate

  • Contrary arguments, by a handful of climate change denialists, are unreferenced or derived by deceptive alteration of scientific data.

    The Upper limit to CO2 for Human Habitats

  • | Reply | Permalink it shoots! it scores! it exactly meets expectations! where's troll critic when you need him? cut-and-paste-job: +30 dubious unreferenced quote bonus: +50 simultaneously calling candidate and supporter names: +80 creative use of logic: +5

    Mark Udall, A Key Undecided Super-Delegate, Blasts Hillary's Gas Tax Holiday

  • In fact, what this memo looks to be is a collection of opinions -- unnamed, unreferenced -- opinions from around the US government.

    A. Siegel: Semantically Correct ... Entirely Misleading

  • No sooner had Mr Brons delivered his acceptance speech than Robsinon launched an unsubstantiated and unreferenced litany of alleged past affiliatons to neo-Nazi groups.


  • Those recent, magic, unreferenced opinion polls showing a great leap of support for Bush!

    Matthew Yglesias » Al-Qaeda in Iraq


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