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  • adj. In an unreflective way.


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  • It corrupts because it licenses individuals to unilaterally, unreflectively and thus arbitrarily impose their will on others.

    Dr. Robert Aziz: Why Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

  • So, Philosophy tells Boethius, since you accepted them unreflectively when fortune was treating you well, it really makes no sense that you should start asking questions now.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • The immediate need seems to be that of a reform of the reformed Missal of 1969, for, quite a number of changes originating within the Post-Conciliar reform seem to have been introduced somewhat hastily and unreflectively, as Cardinal Antonelli himself repeatedly stated.

    Archbishop Ranjith's Foreword to "True Development of the Liturgy"

  • It continues an old imperialism, unreflectively enjoying its discursive overlordship over South Asia by presenting India and Pakistan as "rivals," as if that is what a billion and a half people think of all the time.

    Vamsee Juluri: How the West Lost Us: A Critique of Media Coverage of the Mumbai Attacks

  • They more often become full-blown—but usually unacknowledged—metaphysical world views, especially in times of great social change when older belief systems are being unreflectively marginalized in the name of progress.

    What Do Boys and Girls Draw? » Sociological Images

  • So writers who wanted to continue innovating in the superhero genre needed to find a way to move beyond simply taking their own tropes as their primary subject matter, without simply falling back into recycling them unreflectively.

    One Superhero Comic, Hold the Superheroism

  • For example we think unreflectively of wailing as a natural expression of pain or grief; generally, we think of expressive behaviour or gestures as being caused, at least paradigmatically, by the underlying emotion or feelings.

    Croce's Aesthetics

  • In this undertaking Kierkegaard was inspired by the figure of Socrates, whose incessant irony undermined all knowledge claims that were taken for granted or unreflectively inherited from traditional culture.

    Søren Kierkegaard

  • So, for example, it is possible that we have evolved in such a way that when prompted with certain sensory input we immediately and unreflectively reach conclusions about external objects.

    to day

  • Power corrupts because it licenses those in positions of leadership to unreflectively, unilaterally and thus arbitrarily impose their will on others.

    Dr. Robert Aziz: Reclaiming America's Leadership Role: Barack Obama and Democratic Culture


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