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  • Irremediable.


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  • And he avoids falling prey to the tendency, so prevalent now, either to blame victims for their own victimization or to view the black ghettos as perhaps an unremediable problem.

    A Tragedy With No Ending

  • Test results prove otherwise showing when released from 40,000 feet a B61-11 nuclear earth-penetrator burrowed about 20 feet in the soil for a pre-explosion depth able to produce intense fallout over the area struck that's unremediable and would result in enough permanent surface contamination to be unsafe for human habitation.

    George Bush's Samson Option

  • Murder a. Bill intentionally administers a life-ending drug to his chronically (but not terminally) ill mother to put an end to what he perceives to be her otherwise unremediable suffering.


  • Such a foundation, he argued elsewhere, is necessary to order, for "if the last resort be in the people, there is no end of controversy at all, but endless and unremediable confusion."

    Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham

  • It then could have focused on negotiating a two-state settlement with Abbas and on improving life for Palestinians in the West Bank, while Hamas absorbed the blame for the unremediable misery of Gazans.

    Redskins Insider Podcast -- The Washington Post

  • He also has a liquid retention problem and the diuretic originally prescribed combined unfavorably with the mindtrap residue, leaching potassium from his system in an unremediable process. "

    the ship who sang


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