unremunerative love


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  • adj. Not remunerative.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. not yielding profit or recompense


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  • Darrow was reluctant after years of participation in controversial and often unremunerative labor cases.

    A Man in Search of a Lost Cause

  • Market scrutiny exposes fraud, and thereby prevents fraud by giving business managers a constant stream of object lessons about what behaviors to avoid since scamming investors is usually an unremunerative strategy.

    Is Every Chinese Firm a Scam?

  • Having a monopoly of the safe investments, the great masses of unremunerative capital would be directed, not to the production of more surplus value, but to the making of permanent improvements, which would give employment to the people, and make them content with the new order of things.


  • Now if you were the one who is pregnant, I could understand the whole thing, but as it is, I thought I was almost doing you a favour, taking this troublesome and unremunerative business to someone else.


  • Entry-level journalism is a painfully unremunerative job, especially for one of the most expensive cities to live in.

    Hot And Fresh Out The Kitchen | ATTACKERMAN

  • It's an unremunerative drain on my time and energies, one more obligation every over-obliged day, and a burden of guilt each day when I don't add to the blog.

    The End of Blogging Days - A Rumination

  • He embarked on that most unremunerative of careers, epistemology, and entered a doctoral program in philosophy at Ohio State.

    The Hive

  • By dumping Chrysler, meanwhile, it avoided its share of an estimated $100 billion in unremunerative investments the Big Three will have to make to meet the new fuel-mileage rules.

    Let Detroit Build Profitable Cars

  • Pumblechook himself, self – constituted my patron, would sit supervising me with a depreciatory eye, like the architect of my fortunes who thought himself engaged on a very unremunerative job.

    Great Expectations

  • And the reader will not be able to understand the world-wide tolerance of growing armaments and war preparations during this period unless he realizes the immediate need inherent in the system for unremunerative public expenditure.

    The Shape of Things to Come


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