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  • adj. Not replaced.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ replaced


  • Lobbies and corridors were vandalized, elevators broke down, staircases became garbage dumps, roofs leaked, and broken windows remained unreplaced.

    Makeshift Metropolis

  • Nevertheless, if the future is something like that, then what of pbooks 'value will be left unreplaced by ebooks?

    David Weinberger: What's Irreplaceable About Books?

  • Even of residual (and so sitting, still unreplaced) bureaucrats in Departments and vestiges from Bushbutchery.

    Getting ready to hold Obama's feet to the fire.

  • The billboard is unevenly lighted, dim in spots, several bulbs blown and unreplaced, but the central elements are clear, a vast cascade of orange juice pouring diagonally from top right into a goblet that is handheld at lower left—the perfectly formed hand of a female Caucasian of the middle suburbs.


  • But who wants a server (let alone a business-critical server) where half the (unreplaced) components (3 RAID hard drives, 1 of 2 CPUs, etc) have been exposed to a supply voltage that smoked the other half of the server?

    Dear Mr. Dell « BuzzMachine

  • Yet, for all its airiness, there was a mood of want and disrepair, as though the modern style had fallen by accident, by unreplaced breakage, loss.

    At Swim, Two Boys

  • Where some of them had collapsed over time and had gone unreplaced, she could see the unfinished brick walls of the dovecote behind them.

    In the Presence of the Enemy

  • That is, if he hadn't been killed, and somehow gone unreplaced.

    In Celebration Of Lammas Night

  • Gear and weapons grew obsolete, but went unreplaced by more modern matériel.

    Once They Moved Like the Wind

  • Mullett looked for a chair to sit on, but they were both stacked with unreplaced files.

    Frost at Christmas


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