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  • adj. Not replicated.


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un- +‎ replicated


  • As you marvel at my proficiency in simple arithmetic -- a skill apparently unreplicated at the rating "agencies" -- please note this warning: "No content in this blog post (ratings, credit-related analyses and data, model, software or other application or output therefrom) or any part thereof (Content) may be modified or reverse engineered in any form by any means ..."

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Poor Standards: 4 Steps to Ending the Rating "Agency" Racket

  • However, according to the as yet unreplicated (joint rolling phalanges crossed) findings, men who smoked pot once a week or began using it frequently throughout their adolescence had double the risk for the onset of nonseminoma -- the most rapidly spreading type of testicular cancer (it accounts for 40% of all cases).

    Warren Holstein: My Balls or My Bong...Hold on I'm Thinking!!!

  • And, wow, were there sites wanting to make political hay of some kind or other of that single study's finding as yet unreplicated, as far as I could tell.

    Is it Racist if it's true?

  • If you ever experience the phenomenon of asking another smoker for a lighter, it is a simple gesture of friendliness that is probably unreplicated anywhere else in London

    Charles Kennedy, Hypocrisy and Consistency

  • To me, what you have done in this imaginary instance, just as what Phil has done, is not science because it is both unreplicated and unreplicatable.

    We Have 25 Years Invested in This Work… « Climate Audit

  • Sample design for an unreplicated screening trial with 12 species.

    1. Collect information on the planting site

  • Trials normally cover a fairly large number [5-10] of species planted in unreplicated plots.

    1. Collect information on the planting site

  • Brizendine often relies on unreplicated or small-scale experiments, studies, and surveys to draw sweeping, possibly oversimplified conclusions about gender and human nature and to spin small distinctions and differences in the data into vive la différence.

    The Neurocritic

  • Error bars are s.e.m.; all measurements are based on three replications except Hi27, which was unreplicated.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • But most fMRI studies are small, unreplicated and compare differences in the average brain activity of groups, rather than individuals, making it difficult to interpret for single cases.

    Scientific American


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