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  • adjective Not resigned.


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un- +‎ resigned


  • • So far this season on House (Fox, tonight, 8 ET/PT), House has resigned and unresigned, Taub has quit, Thirteen has been fired, and Chase has murdered a patient — which you have to think will look bad on his résumé.

    Critic's Corner Monday

  • By his account, Sontag was unresigned almost to her last breath to the death that people around her had accepted as probably inevitable from the time she was diagnosed with the last fatal blood condition.

    Will to Live

  • Anyway, once he'd recovered his balance, he realised that this Welsh loyalty thing would work in his favour and he unresigned himself.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • But these things did not save him a final, unresigned sigh when he realized that he had to go to work — right away.

    Flappers and Philosophers

  • We count it our Christian duty to be tirelessly unresigned.

    Christianity and Progress

  • Everywhere else we count it our pride and glory to be unresigned.

    Christianity and Progress

  • Back of these, rendering them fatally effective, lies that other delusion, the imagined right of peaceable secession, founded on a belief in the full and unresigned sovereignty of the States.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 42, April, 1861

  • An unsubmissive, unconfiding, unresigned soul will make vain the best hygienic treatment; and, on the contrary, the most saintly religious resolution and purpose maybe defeated and vitiated by an habitual ignorance and disregard of the laws of the physical system.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866

  • Even the apparently unquenchable handkerchief hung limp and inactive from a coat-tail pocket, where it had been jammed in a moment of unresigned despair; and the big tears dropped one by one on Jeanie's hair, as he talked now in that quiet, grieved way.

    Six Girls A Home Story

  • So strongly did the medieval spirit of resignation, submissive in a static world, keep its grip upon the Church that the Church often defiantly withstood the growth of this unresigned attitude of which we have been speaking and in which we glory.

    Christianity and Progress


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