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  • adj. Not resistant

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  • adj. (often followed by `to') likely to be affected with


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  • When the insecticide was applied, the resistant insects survived while the unresistant died.

    Once again, I am wrong - The Panda's Thumb

  • The great literary critic and novelist George Steiner 1989, 181 writes that “all of us have experienced twilit, penumbral moods of diffuse attention and unresistant receptivity on the one hand, and of tensed, heightened focus on the other.”

    The Muse in the Machine

  • It produces a sense of “flow,” of “unresistant receptivity,” because at low focus, the thought-stream is literally out of control: control presupposes at least some degree of choosing, that is, of focus.

    The Muse in the Machine

  • But there are a number of drug-resistant now bacteria, really in the past 10 years, although others that are just as completely resistant -- unresistant to it now as they were 60 years ago.

    The Mold in Dr. Florey�s Coat: The Story of the Penicillin Miracle

  • His world was the big old square wicker perambulator, the dark walls of which hemmed him in on three sides, the fourth consisting of his featherbed, beneath which, throughout the summer, he lay unresistant.

    Two Tales of Old Strasbourg

  • She has had a benevolent look on her face just lately, an interested, unresistant expression, and a kind of openness of feature that is pleasant and companionable.

    No More Words

  • They were soft and unresistant, moving according to her will as she tipped the urn from side to side; so unlike him.

    River Boy

  • I couldn't believe it, I had no idea I was that unresistant to impure thoughts.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • In minutes, Telzey thought, in minutes, if she was alive minutes from now, she would have this mind — unaware, unresistant, wide open to her — under control.

    The Complete Federation Of The Hub

  • It was inactive now, completely unresistant as she slipped her face mask into place.

    Achille's Choice


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