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  • Not restful or at rest; restless. Not affording rest or promotive of rest.


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  • They are like phantoms, unrestful, resentful of her absence.

    To Each A Song « A Fly in Amber

  • His squirrelly jointed right thumb evoked the weight of the grinding whopper stones at the mills, and the unrestful, dead man's sleep he suffered through every night was a morning keystone to the penny stills in the woods.


  • Tolteca thought of his own brawling unrestful folk, the forests they had already raped, and made no answer.

    do you ever read writing?

  • I am a very emotional person, very hyper and very unrestful.

    Carbohydrates are addictive | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Wherefore the she-wolf went red and white by turns, and fumed, and fretted her bedizenments with unrestful hands, and when she should let us go our ways, she lingered and looked back oft, and was loth to depart ere she had gotten what she lacked, and that, forsooth, was the said flasket.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • So they kissed and departed; and Birdalone went home to the house, and wore the days thereafter doing what was needful about the stead, and wandering through the meadows, and swimming the waters about Green Eyot; and the days were not unrestful unto her.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • An uneasy silence haunts tombstone cities, whose unrestful citizens flit through the skies like shades on errands in the afterworld.


  • Second, I hope we are all giving our vacationing representatives of Congress a very unrestful holiday.

    Think Progress » Bush on Iraq: ‘We’re Not Leaving So Long As I’m The President’

  • The late 60's to mid 70's were a particularly fertile time for Turkish rock and pop music, thanks to all the records of British and American bands arriving at the Marmara sea and leaving an imprint on the post-war generation that was just as unrestful and hungry here as elsewhere.

    Anadolu Rock

  • She gazed and gazed, wondering, delighting, longing, and all the while the siren voice of the unrestful was whispering in her ear.

    Sister Carrie


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