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  • adj. Not ridden.


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  • George Halvorson provides a wonderful analogy having to do with "winter horses" - saddle horses who spend their winters unridden, in the barn, and who buck off the saddle and rider when they first goes back on in the spring.

    Leading in Turbulent Times: Pathfinder CEOs

  • I saw a cake covered in regular unridden carrots yeterday, and immediately thought of you.

    Carrot Jockeys Make Excellent Ground Troops

  • Otherwise your efforts are about as much use as an unridden bicycle.

    This, that and a bit of the other. Yes, that one

  • And he found her a pearl unpierced and unthridden and a filly by all men save himself unridden; and he abated her virginity and had joyance of her youth in his virility and presently he withdrew sword from sheath; and then returned to the fray right eath; and when the battle and the siege had finished, some fifteen assaults he had furnished and she conceived by him that very night.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The foal and the unridden wild horses racing across the plains in movies are the true tribute to a running horse as an aesthetic vision.


  • The next moment she passed out, and as the crowd followed to see whither she went, she was seen to spring on a coal-black horse which stood unhitched before the door, and on it she rode at wild speed away toward the north-west, while a saddled but unridden mustang followed close behind her.

    Wild Bill's Last Trail

  • As the starlight was so vague he could not make out more than that here and there a figure was mounted on a galloping horse, with several unridden animals trailing along behind, as though led by ropes.

    The Saddle Boys of the Rockies Lost on Thunder Mountain

  • Failing, he relinquished his hold on the reins, and using both hands, succeeded in drawing Kingdom over the unridden horse between them to the shoulders of his own horse.

    Far Past the Frontier

  • They would gallop, unridden, in any given direction, at the word of command, and halt as if shot at the sound of Dick's voice.

    Jan A Dog and a Romance

  • Yet into just such a situation He quietly turns the head of His untamed unridden young colt of an ass and rides through the city surrounded by the crowds under the very eyes of these leaders and their hireling legal minions.

    Quiet Talks on John's Gospel


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