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  • adj. Not rigorous.


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un- +‎ rigorous


  • Many thousands more young people are going up to university and more has meant many things, including the dilution of standards, the dilution in the quality of teaching, a scandalously high drop-out rate, introduction of too many unrigorous non-academic subjects and at the end of the line, unfulfilled expectations and graduate unemployment.

    Scalpel, machete, razor, bread knife

  • For example, apparently one can earn tenure and a comfortable living in esteemed universities publishing unrigorous theories in “studies” fields like African-American Studies, and not only will other academics not chastise you for the lax standards present therein, they will laud and elevate you for them.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The “Wise Latina”:

  • The show at Exit Art is freewheeling and unrigorous enough to support either view.

    ‘Negritude’ Encore From Haiti To Harlem «

  • Such unrigorous standards allow inefficient firms to remain in the game.

    Getting Hammered

  • I (and Webster, Emanuel, Holland) have been fighting “wars” over the data quality with people from the National Hurricane Center in the media and this has been very frustrating since much of the other sides argument rests in “appeal to authority” (they know the data is bad, even though they have been using it for decades and have previously said the data was ok), without any rigorous (or even unrigorous) uncertainty analysis.

    More Bender on Hurricane Counts « Climate Audit

  • Completely unrigorous but very cool - I think that this sort of hands-on science could be an excellent educational tool. steve s

    Pay No Attention to The Establishment Behind The Curtain! - The Panda's Thumb

  • The answer, in a rather unrigorous and noneloquent moment, is that I was not willing to be a pig.

    Jim Cramer's Real Money

  • But, from our retrospect, for about 150 years the operations with the symbol were amateurishly and scandalously unrigorous.


  • "I should think that such an unchanging, unrigorous climate would make a race deteriorate in physique rapidly," observed the Doctor.

    The Girl in the Golden Atom

  • To this the drive comes on unrigorous lines from the street.

    The Amateur Garden


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