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  • adj. Not rotated.


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un- +‎ rotated


  • What is normally referred to as factor analysis - if it is unrotated - is merely principal component analysis and this is the technique most widely used for data reduction of morphometric data Stephen Jay Gould has an elegant description of principal components analysis - which if my memory serves, he refers to incorrectly as “factor analysi” - in his “The Mismeasure of Man”.

    "Intraspecific macroevolution" within domestic dog breeds - The Panda's Thumb

  • Since the series north of the ITCZ was orthogonal to the series south of the ITCZ, the unrotated EOFs more or less corresponded to the sum and the difference of the two rotated EOFs.

    Varimax Rotation and the AMM « Climate Audit

  • You will also spot a folder called 'Originals' which has the unrotated versions, obv - but don't bother with the one called 'Data' because that seems to be smaller versions or perhaps thumbnbails.

    So yeah, that holiday in Wales was great

  • Year by year the farmers who lived on soil whose returns were diminished by unrotated crops were offered the virgin soil of the frontier at nominal prices.

    The Frontier in American History

  • Prepare for database storage, where thumbs will be stored unrotated.

    Planet KDE

  • Also to the credit of the makers: the states seem to be unrotated.

    Strange Maps

  • What settings? and also the usual "upload photos" in FB. attach then i choose a file from the box that drops down (very technical, i know) and then i either double click the file or hit "choose file". the image appears in the body of my email. if it matters, ive tried using both rich and plain text. import/export the file to FB as in highlight the photo i want in iphoto then hit the facebook button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. i dont do anything special, just what they show in the tutorial video. the picture will publish on FB, but in its unrotated version.

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