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  • adj. Not sacred or sacrosanct; thus, accessible


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ sacred


  •  A meaningless, unsacred place will only define the shoe as just another shoe.

    The Other Shoe

  • Kaukab, by contrast, is fearful and suspicious, so “trapped within the cage of permitted thinking” [p. 113] that she once withheld milk from her baby during Ramadan and wears special clothing whenever she leaves her neighborhood for fear of being contaminated by contact with this “unsacred country full of people filthy with disgusting habits and practices” [p. 273].

    Maps For Lost Lovers by Nadeem Aslam: Questions

  • Delighted news crews filmed the chaos while Ripperoons and assorted lunatics gave interviews to straight-faced camera operators about how Lord Jack was going to appear through an unstable gate created by a passing meteor and step off into the open Britannia amidst a host of unheavenly demons charged with guarding his most unsacred person from all earthly harm ...

    Ripping Time

  • And then his brethren would please him and brought to him a simple host unsacred in manner of the body of our Lord, and he knew it well in spirit, and said: God forgive you, brethren, wherefore would ye deceive me?

    The Golden Legend, vol. 7

  • I regard marriage as sacred, and when, which God forbid, it proves unsacred, it is horrible to think of these formalities.

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • That very unsacred majesty has another favourite, a certain Count von

    A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2 To the Close of the 19th Century

  • After the fall of the Roman empire the church used the pantomime for the portrayal of sacred history, and later centuries enjoyed very unsacred histories in the pantomimes of their ballets.

    The Photoplay A Psychological Study

  • Yet she was a good girl, not wilfully undevout; and if during the long missionary-sermon she secretly got her prayer-book and read -- what was the most likely portion to attract her -- the marriage service, it was with feelings solemnised and not unsacred.

    Agatha's Husband A Novel

  • The British themselves had almost entirely vanished - as late as the 1960s they could be counted in thousands - but their imprint could be found in restaurants that sold steaks cut from cows rather than the unsacred buffalo, and at business lunches where sherry was served with the soup.

    The Guardian World News

  • A sense of the sacred in the public sphere is ever present, and frankly with sometimes rather unsacred consequences, but there is still a call for a different type of politics - Islamisation.



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