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  • adj. comparative form of unsafe: more unsafe


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  • Why not tell your number 2 what is going on after all thr GOP talk of the world is so much unsafer with obama talk?

    Sanford to hold press conference

  • As 72% of the people think he's not doing a good job, as 9/11 happened on his watch, as most of his cabinet and high officials are either going or gone because of one scandal or another, as the world is an unsafer place because of him, of course he needs someone, he probably paid, to say he's a great guy, maybe your right, maybe I am as delusional as he is.

    Quote Of The Day

  • You CAN use petroleum-based lube, but it eats away at latex, leaving your sex a little unsafer.

    Matthew Yglesias » Stay Classy, Conservative Blogosphere

  • Fact be known that going into Iraq only stirred up the bees nest more and has actually made us even unsafer than we were to begin with.

    Think Progress » VIDEO: Clinton Sets The Record Straight On Terrorism, Smacks Down Fox News

  • I knew I was on unsafe ground, but it proves far unsafer than I had thought.

    More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 1

  • Reasonable alternative design: A reasonable alternative design is one that (a) isn't so expensive that it isn't practical; (b) doesn't make the product unsafer in some other critical way, and (c) doesn't impair the usefulness of the product.


  • Or if you have quick reactions, just before they reach the peak of their jump, do EX. JT into Ultra 2. (this is the unsafer option).


  • If by safe Cheney meant waterboarding, Abu-Ghraib and dark torture chambers, then the U. S is certainly unsafer under Obama's administration.

    Cafferty File

  • So the more guns are out there, the higher the probability that I die, or in other words, the unsafer I am.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • Them being all the new prisoners we are going to have in Can-a-duh after bill C-15, the Conservative-NDP anticrime bill gets pushed through giving us US style justice and unsafer streets. latest blog entries


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