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  • noun Alternative spelling of unsavoriness.


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  • Every three or four days, when the atmosphere of the town had reached a pitch of unsavouriness which it seemed impossible to surpass, sudden storms swept up, tropical in their violence: blasts of thunder cracked like splitting beams; lightning darted along the narrow streets; rain fell in white, sizzling sheets.

    Maurice Guest

  • Oh, how many times have I been convinced by observing them of the evil of insincerity before God and unsavouriness in discourse!

    The Weapon of Prayer

  • Now, as every drop of sea-water retains the brackishness and saltness of the whole; so every staggering doubt that is an issue of this unbelief hath in it the unsavouriness and distastefulness unto God that is in the whole.

    The Sermons of John Owen

  • 'Bride of the Sea,' both in its picturesqueness and (when one gets into the small and tortuous canals) its unsavouriness.

    Forty-one years in India From Subaltern To Commander-In-Chief

  • The unsavouriness, the solitude, the neighing and tumult and prancing induced in me nothing but dulness at last and disgust.

    Henry Brocken His Travels and Adventures in the Rich, Strange, Scarce-Imaginable Regions of Romance

  • There was a mighty roar drowned in a mightier splash as Fortemani, spread-eagle, struck the surface and sank from sight, whilst with the flying spray there came a fetid odour to tell of the unsavouriness of that unexpected bath.


  • There was little enough which Steve had not heard of the unsavouriness of this man's administration.

    The Heart of Unaga

  • Yet, just now Iglesias could have found it in his heart to envy the man, notwithstanding his unsavouriness of attitude and aspect.

    The Far Horizon

  • The other point is well worn: but the wearing has not taken off its awkwardness and unsavouriness.

    The English Novel

  • He was eating the stem of an artichoke as this discourse went on, and, in the little peevish contentions of nature betwixt hunger and unsavouriness, had dropped it out of his mouth half a dozen times, and picked it up again.



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