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  • v. Present participle of unsay.


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  • Then all the dead opened their cold palms and released the snow; slow, slant, silent, a huge unsaying, it fell, torn language; settled, the world to be locked, local; unseen, fervent earthbound bees around a queen.

    'Snow' by Carol Ann Duffy

  • I think a better example to be used for saying things and then unsaying them, and specifically to Joe Q, would be his Rawhide Kid being Gay comments, where he said Gay heroes had to be in Max books, and then tried to un-say it almost a year later... but instead of admitting he was taking back what he said, just denied that he'd ever said it.

    Cronin Theory of Comics – Don’t Make Guarantees You Can’t Guarantee | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • As we have seen above, while there do occur forms of expression that are contradictory, the contradiction is often removed by the device of “unsaying” or canceling out, which propels the discourse into a non-discursive realm.


  • As he spoke; the poor expectant husband and father saw at a glance that his brilliant hopes were to be dashed to the ground and that his visitor was now there for the purpose of unsaying what on his former visit he had said.

    Barchester Towers

  • The moral interest of the fable, which is so powerfully sustained by the sufferings and endurance of Prometheus, would be annihilated if we could conceive of him as unsaying his high language and quailing before his successful and perfidious adversary.

    The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Bastile, and I heavily walked up-stairs unsaying every word I had said in going down them.

    The Illustrated London Reading Book

  • Having first, therefore, laid violent hands on the horses, for whose escape from the stable no place but the window was left open, he next applied himself to his sister; softened and soothed her, by unsaying all he had said, and by assertions directly contrary to those which had incensed her.

    II. The Character of Mrs. Western. Book VI

  • Mechanical as the notes were, yet so true in tune to nature were they chanted, that in one moment they overthrew all my systematic reasonings upon the Bastille; and I heavily walk’d up-stairs, unsaying every word I had said in going down them.

    41. The Passport. The Hotel at Paris

  • I was even rather touched by memory of his insistence last night on another glass of that water which just might give him typhoid; rather touched by memory of his unsaying that he "never" touched alcohol -- he who, in point of fact, had to be always gambling on something or other.

    James Pethel

  • Little disposed as he was to let himself be carried away by the imagination, he expressed his contempt for philosopher-poets like Herder, and kept saying and unsaying, affirming and then immediately criticizing his own affirmations as to this mysterious beauty.

    Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic


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