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  • adj. That has not been scaled (climbed).


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  • Try, for a moment, to think of another sportsman a couple of months short of his 37th birthday, at the very top of his particular game for more than two decades, who still has the ability and, more to the point, the hunger to take that game to heights previously unscaled not just by himself, but by anyone.

    Tendulkar the Terrific

  • After the leader debates lifted Liberal Democrat poll fortunes to hitherto unscaled heights, it was perplexing to see the post-votingexit polls with LDs actually losing seats.


  • The chart above shows the weightedput-call ratio for Boeing overlaid on an unscaled stock price chart, going back about one year.

    Peek Ahead With The Put-Call Ratio

  • “Soaring over a hitherto unscaled mathematical mountain-top, Dr. Albert Einstein, climber of cosmic Alps, reports having sighted a new pattern in the structure of space and matter,” the distinguished New York Times science reporter William Laurence reported in a page-one article in 1935.

    American Sketches

  • The process here resembles the way a route up an unscaled mountain might be planned.

    The Nature of Technology

  • The next year, 1938, Mr. Bates and Harvard classmate Charlie Houston set their sights on K2, whose summit remained unscaled, but bad weather and short supplies hampered them.

    He Mentored Generations of Students

  • By the time the pair next tried to reach the summit of K2, in 1953 -- it was still unscaled -- Exeter had given Mr. Bates a job teaching English (in 1939).

    He Mentored Generations of Students

  • It was then the highest unscaled peak of North America.

    He Mentored Generations of Students

  • Savilla watched with interest as the human's body shuddered in protest and then stilled, the callused hands clenching and opening as Goraide's hands moved possessively over the soft unscaled body, leaving faint red welts upon the skin.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • Folks, that takes the love of peanut butter to new heights previously unscaled.

    unclebob Diary Entry


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