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  • adj. Not scholastic.


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un- +‎ scholastic


  • What strikes me most about the fake moon landing controversy is how unscholastic the debate is, just as with the Kennedy assassination.

    [moon landings] examine the evidence, such as it is

  • For, notwithstanding these learned disputants, these all-knowing doctors, it was to the unscholastic statesman that the governments of the world owed their peace, defence, and liberties; and from the illiterate and contemned mechanic (a name of disgrace) that they received the improvements of useful arts.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • What unscholastic reminiscences might we not hear, could book-lined shelves in the shadowy nooks, but speak!


  • You are not free, yet, to be as useful at home as you would like to be; your mother has to do without a daughter, to a large extent, or to avail herself of one with the uncomfortable feeling that the daughter is losing valuable time thereby, and probably is considering herself a martyr in having to do unscholastic duties.

    Stray Thoughts for Girls

  • Hence the first approach to any subject in school, if thought is to be aroused and not words acquired, should be as unscholastic as possible.

    democracy and Education : an Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

  • Though preferring the free, unscholastic method of an earlier age, he yet shows himself at once an original philosopher and a profound theologian.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon

  • Both characteristics were so well developed that the hours they spent in the schoolroom were chiefly devoted to exploits of a most unscholastic nature.

    Teddy: Her Book A Story of Sweet Sixteen

  • Mrs. Bronson, after gazing about at the typewriter, the hectograph, the exhibits of weed seeds, the Babcock milk tester, and the other unscholastic equipment, pointed to the list of words, and the arithmetic problems on the board.

    The Brown Mouse

  • The schoolmaster was not content to choose the straight line up, and in attempting to perform a zigzag, he came to a part of the slope where the snow lay about 2 inches thick on solid ice, and the result was an unscholastic descent in inverted order of precedence.

    Ice-Caves of France and Switzerland

  • Sent to Leipzig in his seventeenth year, he finds himself an awkward, ungainly lad, and sets diligently to perfecting himself in the somewhat unscholastic accomplishments of riding, dancing, and fencing.

    Among My Books First Series


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