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  • Not scoured; not cleaned by rubbing: as, unscoured armor; unscoured wool.


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  • But if it be the winter season, the part is to be covered with unscoured wool, which is to be sprinkled from above with tepid wine and oil, but on no account is either bandage or compress to be applied; for this should be known most especially, that whatever compresses, or is heavy, does mischief in such cases.

    On The Articulations

  • The swellings which arise in the ham, at the foot, or in any other part from the pressure, should be well wrapped in unscoured and carded wool, washed with wine and oil, and anointed with cerate, before bandaging; and if the splints give pain they should be slackened.

    On Fractures

  • And there was one refinement in the rude chalet not always present in regions far less removed from the centres of civilization: besides the cloth -- so coarse as to be a curiosity -- which the woman laid for us over an end of the unscoured table, she put at each of our places, as a matter of course, a fresh napkin of the same rude stuff.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 17, No. 102, June, 1876

  • Wool -- this is, by a specific rate on the grease pound (i. e., unscoured) -- operates to exclude wools of high shrinkage in scouring but fine quality from the American market and thereby lessens the range of wools available to the domestic manufacturer; that the duty on scoured wool Of

    State of the Union Address (1790-2001)

  • He is good metal in the inside, though rough and unscoured without, and therefore hated of the courtier, that is quite contrary.

    Microcosmography or, a Piece of the World Discovered; in Essays and Characters

  • She made no reply and backed away toward the door of the living-room, finishing the last strip of unscoured floor before she even replied.


  • The inadequate, almost primitive, bathing facilities in Villa Elsa corresponded to the unscoured condition of its occupants.

    Villa Elsa A Story of German Family Life

  • Then, in the bungling hurry of fitting out, the hulls of several vessels were left foul, which made them dull sailers; while nearly all the holds were left unscoured, which, of course, helped to propagate the fevers, scurvy, plague, and pestilence brought on by bad food badly stowed.

    The Great Fortress : A chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760

  • The soup was cold and greasy and tasted of an unscoured pot.

    Winnie Childs The Shop Girl

  • The rubicund moon-head goes wagging; darker beams the copper visage, like unscoured copper; in the glazed eye is disquietude; he rolls uneasy in his seat, as if he meant something.

    The French Revolution


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