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  • v. Present participle of unscrew.


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  • My plans for revenge, such as unscrewing the lightbulb, locking the door and hiding his clothes, have unfortu nately had to be abandoned in the interests of peace.

    The Diary Of A Young Girl

  • It was in satire, the Satires of Hall, Marston, and Donne—especially the last—that the 'unscrewing' of the decasyllabic couplet began, in part as a deliberate effort to reproduce the colloquial ease of Horace's, the harshness of Persius's satiric style and verse.

    Introduction. Grierson, Herbert J.C

  • One little mistake, such as unscrewing the bottle cap too fast, can result in a huge blast, and police in Alabama, Oklahoma and other states have linked dozens of flash fires this year - some of them fatal - to meth manufacturing.


  • Bandon recommends one big enough to do a few plumbing repairs, such as unscrewing the trap under the sink when it gets clogged.

    Newsvine - Get Smarter Here

  • A big kid in coveralls stood in the doorway unscrewing a long handle from a roller.

    Better Days

  • Screwing and unscrewing the lid of the salt shaker, looking around the room, restless and vibrant in my chair, my light youth that barely touched the ground.

    light youth

  • Men can fill that role, for example, by moving the heavier items and unscrewing lids on jars, and doing other useful tasks with which they are so very good at performing for us.

    Roseanne Barr: This Is Woman's Time!

  • "I love antique things," she says, unscrewing the lid of a jam jar jammed with glittering buttons.

    Nancy Ruhling: Astoria Characters: The Girl Fumi Fell For

  • After unscrewing the cap, Bess topped off the iced tea with a shot of the amber liquor, then handed the glass to her former daughter-in-law.

    the snake charmer

  • If you have a wiring bundle, and you don't know if a line is hot, you could take apart a join by unscrewing the plastic nut that holds the wires together.

    Electrical question


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