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  • v. To open or unfold progressively, as a scroll does.


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un- +‎ scroll


  • Thursday, Feb. 5, on a University of Kentucky researcher's use of technology to "unscroll" an ancient manuscript of Homer's "Iliad."

    UK News - Main News

  • I take that to mean books that pithed me straight through the occiput when I read them and changed the way I saw the world and my place in it, books that imprinted themselves so indelibly on my heart and mind that I don't have to have them in my hand to re-read them, I just need to shut my eyes and watch them unscroll in my imagination.

    Fifteen books that given the way my life has turned out I probably shouldn't have read

  • And now this pathway is completely open to you as my messengers unscroll it before you as My Breath (spirit) reveals and brings to light the Jot and Tittle of my ways, for you are the fragrance of incense I desire to rise before my nostrils in the temple of love I have built with my own hands.

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  • Singleton thrives in such settings, where he can lay down walking bass lines, unscroll melodies with his bow, or manipulate his double-bass sound with various electronic effects.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • A bookstore seems like a benign place: a little musty, chockablock with ideas waiting to unscroll themselves, frequented by introverted types.

    The New Yorker

  • I didn't miss a beat and responded, "Well, we would unscroll our papyrus, and if that system was down, we would access the back-ups we'd chiseled in stone."

    carpe factum

  • You also middle click to open tabs and windows and there is no way of turning that off … which would be fine … except that when you click to unscroll with the middle mouse button a link will open if you are over one … makes forum browsing a chore … you end up opening a thread or an add banner or something unless you are concentrating … no effortless scrolling like in IE.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - A big fat sorry to IE users

  • Deftly, as if he’d done it a thousand times, he put his fingertips under the top sheet and, rolling the remainder briskly, allowed the outside map to unscroll onto the desk, then popped the remainder back halfway into the protective tube to keep the whole bundle from unrolling.

    O Jerusalem

  • Late at night when all is blessedly quiet, when she’s got a moment to herself alone, she sits at her desk, straightens her spine and begins to unscroll the family tree.

    Fall On Your Knees

  • She squints as though against a sudden light—it’s . . . unscroll a little more . . . what is it?

    Fall On Your Knees


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