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  • adj. Not having been scrutinized.


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  • These unscrutinized, last-minute changes mean that when it comes to being put to death in Texas, it's better to be a lizard than a human being.

    Anna Arceneaux: New Protocol in Texas Executions Risks Needless Pain and Suffering

  • The reality -- for his candidacy and for Republicans considering a vote for him -- is that no presidential candidate stays unscrutinized or untainted forever.

    The Cain Scrutiny

  • Since the February election, the administration has been criticized for handing out unscrutinized contracts to cronies, giving hefty unapproved pay raises and spending government funds for personal uses.

    Stroger-Run Jobs Program Loses Millions Through Mismanagement

  • Korea was every bit as misunderstood, as were the risks of marching toward China: potentially helpful sources of guidance were ignored, alternatives went unscrutinized, yet wondrous results just had to occur.

    Magic and Mayhem

  • All I'm saying is that I'm wary of the assumption that any government gets to have the unscrutinized last word on "who counts."

    White man speaks

  • Enormous sums of public money have been allocated, largely unscrutinized, by Congress over the last several decades to essentially subsidize companies and destructive land use practices in the West that may deliver jobs and votes over short periods of time but the activities haven't proved to be sustainable, King says.

    Todd Wilkinson: The Return of Citizen King

  • If such legislation requires repeal it appears to me that should be done by means of the usual parliamentary process, and subject to scrutiny, and not by the fiat of a minister or an unscrutinized statutory instrument.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • As President Obama hosts a summit Monday on “fiscal responsibility,” Democratic leaders in Congress this week are preparing to ram through the House a massive spending bill that includes thousands of unscrutinized pork-barrel earmarks and the largest increase in discretionary spending since Jimmy Carter - a bill written in secret, which to date, no one in America other than the Democratic congressional leadership has read.

    Democrats to Railroad Through Another Super Secret Massive Spending Bill - Erick’s blog - RedState

  • They deliver unscrutinized and unchallenged propaganda to a large and unsuspecting segment of Americans.

    Baptist church to host 'Stand With Israel' briefing | RELIGION Blog |

  • And how come our leaders are not held up to these scruntinies,Rumor has it Hillary Clinton,Sarah Palin,Barbara Bush,And dont forget Dick Cheney all wear penis prosethtics yet they are allowed to fly worldwide unscrutinized,seems like a double standard.

    Inside look at America's security


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