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  • adj. not seductive


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  • The Sunday Times sprawls on the bed, dogged but unseductive.

    New Jersey Moon

  • I wish I had more good things to say, but Ms. Ebersole proves to be both unexpectedly unseductive and unsatisfyingly shrill, while Mr. Blakemore's staging, a couple of slick bits of slapstick notwithstanding, is efficient rather than inspired.

    Tough Guys Don't Dance

  • The very ashes of the great Lucomo prince and chieftain lying below this worthy if somewhat unseductive female would fade in horror away into the air, if one of his gods, Vertumnus, perhaps, or one of the blessed Dioscuri, should offer him such a companion or hint to him that the creature was of the same species as the round-breasted lovelinesses that sport upon the frescoes of his tomb, among the lotus flowers.

    Margarita's Soul The Romantic Recollections of a Man of Fifty

  • If she goes to the bad it is in the most commonplace way and with the most unseductive seducer possible.

    A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2 To the Close of the 19th Century

  • Literary history is an important step in that of man himself; and the unseductive coarseness of Dryden is rather a beacon than a temptation.

    The Dramatic Works of John Dryden

  • The buck Kanakas bake it under ground, then mash it up well with a heavy lava pestle, mix water with it until it becomes a paste, set it aside and let if ferment, and then it is poi -- and an unseductive mixture it is, almost tasteless before it ferments and too sour for a luxury afterward.

    Roughing It

  • The face and attitude of that unseductive Venus, wide awake and melancholy, opposite her snoring lover, seems to symbolise the indignities which women may have to endure from insolent and sottish boys with only youth to recommend them.

    Renaissance in Italy Volume 3 The Fine Arts

  • Zombies, pale but unseductive, have suffered from a bad image problem.

    NYT > Home Page

  • A few years ago I began to notice that cloud blobs of decidedly unseductive proportions began to be named as tropical cyclones. News

  • The arrest of the "great seducer," as Strauss-Kahn is commonly known in France, on charges of notably unseductive behavior toward an immigrant single mother working as a hotel housekeeper, while shocking as a violent criminal act, didn't come entirely out of the blue for those who have closely observed his behavior toward women over the years. Top Stories


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