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  • adv. In an unseeing manner.


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  • Her eyes gazed unseeingly at the ceiling as she searched her memory for the name.

    On Desperate Seas « A Fly in Amber

  • He gripped the railing and stared unseeingly out to sea.

    Much Ado About Marriage

  • She paused, staring unseeingly down at the blood-smeared rags as a wash of still unaccustomedly vivid memory pulled at her like the undertow of a wave.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • When Hitesh had gone, she made herself a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea and sat at the table for a long time, staring unseeingly at the pile of washed saucepans gleaming like long-lost treasure on the draining board.

    The Home for Broken Hearts

  • They disarm us, unseeingly forcing us to question the meaning of our lives.

    Regretsy – Breast Stroke – NSFW

  • Suddenly Sorcha stopped, stared ahead unseeingly in a sudden moment of clarity.

    My Soul to Keep

  • Eliza got in, waved unseeingly at the little group standing by the bus, and drove away.

    You Don't Take Names

  • Jasper Billington Innes sat beside the telephone, staring unseeingly at the carpet of a small hotel bedroom next door to his gaming club.

    The Elvis Latte

  • She looked unseeingly at the side of bacon Mr Small bone was holding up for her inspection, then cautiously turned her head and stared unbelievingly.

    Politics 101

  • She wears an evening gown and holds a bouquet, staring unseeingly off in the distance.

    Kimberly Brooks: What Price Beauty? One Artist's Take


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