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  • v. To deserialize.


un- +‎ serialize (Wiktionary)


  • Fixed vulnerability in PunBB 1.2, it was related to a bug in the PHP "unserialize" function.

    PunBB Forums

  • It does NOT disappear if unserialize () is not called.

    DaniWeb IT Discussion Community

  • Notice: unserialize () [function. unserialize]: Argument is not a string in

    PunBB Forums

  • SecurityPlaza GE Security KTA-RE3-F1C ONLY $1943.61 AT WWW. SECURITYSYSTEMPLAZA.COM dblackshell RT: @securityshell: phpMyAdmin "unserialize ()"

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

  • Although unserialize is used by some PHP scripts with untrusted data, the input string required to exploit this issue must exceed ~512K in length, so default Apache line length limits will prevent this from being remotely exploited via input data carried in the HTTP request headers or URI.

    Red Hat Magazine

  • Can't unserialize array after it has been sent to mysql hello I've been working with Mysql PHP for a little while and cn't figure out why after putting my data into MYSQL the array can't unserialize.


  • Can't unserialize array after it has been sent to mysql


  • When I try to unserialize it doesn't echo anything, but it should echo John's.


  • Due to magic quotes being on, I had to use unserialize (stripslashes ($whatever)).

  • The "easiest way" is to ask support for the official documentation-not grab, unserialize, dump and guess.


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