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  • adj. Not serialized.


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un- +‎ serialized


  • Under the Montana version, for example, a lucrative business awaits the Montana resident who wants to manufacture unserialized and untraceable guns for sale to Montana felons without complying with Brady Act background checks.

    Dennis A. Henigan: Message to Progressives: Reclaim the Constitution!

  • What's more, these requirements would outright ban webcasting to open, unserialized players like iTunes, since the absence of a serial number would make it impossible to gather the stats.

    Boing Boing: April 7, 2002 - April 13, 2002 Archives

  • This is why they are called “unserialized posters”.

    Chapter 8

  • They may include whatever works best to aid the group in the activity. toolkit: in this manual, a set of drawings or other materials, which show people, situations, customs, etc., that are familiar to participants, and which act as visual aids for facilitating activities. unserialized posters: it should be possible to put the drawings used in these activities in lots of different orders to tell different stories.

    Chapter 10

  • Option values can be strings, arrays, or PHP objects (they will be "serialized", or converted to a string, before storage, and unserialized when retrieved).

    Codex - Recent changes [en]

  • All those guys they are getting are stolen military or unserialized from the factory. Stories / Popular

  • As it serializes the data before it sends it out of the web service to be unserialized on the other end.

    ASP.NET Forums

  • The only places I even see this sort of thing today is anthologies (and even that for the most part is serialized material - see Marvel's latest book with online content, whatever it's called); and even across the fence, in indieland, if I'm honest about unserialized releases like Liberty Comics or the SPX books - I'll have to admit that (other than feeling I did something positive by buying the books) the contents are mostly - if taken as self-standing stories - unsatisfying (I'm not talking about 4-8 panels / 1-page Mahfood-style strips here, but about a superhero comic in 8 pages, remember).

    Comic Book Resources

  • "__sleep ()" and "__wakeup ()" functions, which are called automatically when an object is serialized and unserialized respectively.

    Dev Shed - RSS Feeds


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