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  • adj. Not serrated.


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un- +‎ serrated


  • But in the Yixian Formation enantiornithean Protopteryx (image at left: taken from Dinosaur. there are just two conical, unserrated teeth in the premaxillae and two subtriangular teeth at the dentary tips (Zhang & Zhou 2000).

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  • The unusual long-armed Sapeornis, also from the Jiufutang Formation, had a rather short, Caudipteryx-like skull, and short, conical, unserrated, procumbent teeth projected from its premaxillae (Zhou & Zhang 2003).

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  • Days later, the cause of death was revised to "a five-centimeter slice across the neck with a sharp unserrated blade, opening the windpipe and jugular vein."

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  • But unlike tyrannosaurs and most other theropods, spinosaurs had conical, unserrated teeth similar to those found in crocodiles, says Romain Amiot, a paleontologist at University of Lyon 1 in Villeurbanne, France, and coauthor of the new study.

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  • There was a diversity of large genera, both living and extinct, to choose from, but the marks seemed most consistent with those of a large shark with pointy, unserrated teeth, with the top contenders being

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  • Java and the islands eastward as far as Flores are inhabited by _G. varius_ (or _furcatus_), which differs in so many characters -- green plumage, unserrated comb, and single median wattle -- that no one supposes it to have been the parent of any one of our breeds; yet, as I am informed by Mr. Crawfurd, [377] hybrids are commonly raised between the male _G. varius_ and the common hen, and are kept for their great beauty, but are invariably sterile; this, however, was not the case with some bred in the Zoological Gardens.

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