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  • Not severed; not parted; not divided; unseparable.

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  • adjective Not severed.


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un- +‎ severed


  • That wound, those torn but still unsevered muscles, that blood and those splintered bones still lock us together in a close embrace of hatred, terrifying familiarity, but also love.

    Arundhati Roy: 9 Is Not 11

  • Even the unsevered piece that had bent with her falling trunk and kept the branches of it alive had gone gray and dull.

    Renegade's Magic

  • Other frequenters of the cemetery I see before me — dark, silent figures, figures of persons whom still unsevered cords of memory seemed to have bound to the place for the rest of their lives, and compelled to wander, like unburied corpses, in quest of suitable tombs.

    Through Russia

  • But whatever we may think on this doubtful point, if, as long as the bodies remain unaltered, the light is constant and unsevered, then it would seem natural that, on the dissolution of the body, the light — both that in immediate contact and any other attached to that — should pass away at the same moment, unseen in the going as in the coming.

    The Six Enneads.

  • If the frill is broken wide apart when the mushrooms are gathered, the caps are apt to open out flat in a day or two, and the gills darken and spread their spores, just as if the mushrooms were still unsevered from the ground.

    Mushrooms: how to grow them a practical treatise on mushroom culture for profit and pleasure

  • If the latter holes are made square or triangular (base uppermost), and the metal is cut with a cold chisel so as to leave the side nearest the edge unsevered, the parts may be turned up to form supports for the barrel.

    Things To Make

  • "One lesson, Nature, let me learn of thee, A lesson that on every wind is borne, A lesson of two duties kept at one Though the loud world proclaim their enmity: Of toil unsevered from tranquility, Of labor that in lasting fruit outgrows Far noisier schemes, accomplished in repose, Too great for haste, too high for rivalry ..."

    Problems of Conduct

  • It is often a long and difficult job to get some of the Algae; with their tender connections unsevered from the hard rock, which must be chipped away with the chisel, and often with the blows of the hammer deadened by being struck under water.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 08, No. 47, September, 1861

  • Could it be -- and the sudden thought stung him to the quick -- that she was deliberately and consciously degrading herself to what she knew was a lower plane of thought and life, that the bond of their older companionship might still remain unsevered?

    Phantom Wires A Novel

  • Early in that year 1500 he had asked Cesare to stand godfather for his child, and Cesare had readily consented, whereby a certain bond of relationship and good feeling had been established between them, which everything shows Gonzaga most anxious to preserve unsevered.

    The Life of Cesare Borgia


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