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  • v. Simple past of unsew.


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  • Boulogne to the admiration of all: and you should have seen the scene between her and her delighted husband, whom she rejoined after the army had entered Cambray, and when she unsewed herself, and let out of her dress all those watches, knick-knacks, bank-notes, cheques, and valuables, which she had secreted in the wadding, previous to her meditated flight from Brussels!

    Vanity Fair

  • So I took off my under-coat, and with great trouble of mind, unsewed them from it.


  • So what I'm thinking I'll do is just put the black thing on and if the zipper isn't long enough then I'll leave the part above the zipper unsewed and put a button there.

    super-suzan Diary Entry

  • But he, it is reported, unsewed the sacks at the bottom, took a considerable amount of silver out of every one of them, and sewed them up again, not knowing there was a writing in every one stating how much there was.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Take two pieces of cotton or woolen cloth, of any size from two inches to a foot square, and sew them together at the edges, leaving, however, a small place unsewed at one corner.

    Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 01, April 2, 1870

  • Lizzie was sure to get the darning all tangled and spoiled, and if one left her any sewing to do, one might see her next moment chasing Jamie down the lane, with the unsewed article left hanging over a raspberry bush.

    'Lizbeth of the Dale

  • Sometimes he did strip himself to clothe them; and when he had not enough to satisfy them all, he unsewed or tore his clothes to divide among them.

    The Life and Legends of Saint Francis of Assisi

  • So well did he act his part that Tony's mother had to force him to take the money, which she unsewed from inside the ticking of her mattress.

    By Advice of Counsel

  • So the rocking-chair was unsewed, and papa's desk and the big table were unpacked; and as each familiar article came to view, Eyebright felt as though an old friend were restored to her.

    Eyebright A Story

  • He did not wear a hat, but the crown of an old straw bonnet, the top of which had come unsewed, and rose and fell like the lid of a round box with one hinge, and when the lid blew open you could see his shaggy hair, which seemed as if it had never been brushed since it first came up out of his skin.

    Brownsmith's Boy A Romance in a Garden


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