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  • adj. Not shatterable; that cannot be shattered.


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  • I see the furrow Lenin left sown with the unshatterable seed of a new life for mankind, and cast deep below the rolling tides of storm and lightning, mighty crops for the ages to reap.

    Chris Weigant: Republican Leaders Join In Honoring New Rotunda Statue Of Radical Socialist Woman

  • An energy suffused the sure muscles of her legs, traveling through the strong, solid cypresses of her thighs, the unshatterable cup of her abdomen, up through her head, poised on the bones and tendons of her neck.

    The Book of Heaven

  • His politics were grounded upon strict justice, unshatterable fidelity, and untiring effort toward peace.

    St. Louis IX

  • Last Thursday, strangely cubic ice pellets began pounding down on my wee world, stinging shards that melded into one slick unshatterable surface over everything, rendering the streets and trails and walkways impassable and treacherous.

    weeme Diary Entry

  • The blades of unshatterable glass rose and fell like scythes, and the

    The Brothers' War

  • America's memory is long; our reach is far; our resolve unwavering; and our commitment to justice unshatterable.

    Remarks At Memorial For Bombing Victims In Africa

  • The blades of unshatterable glass rose and fell like scythes, and the Gixians screamed as they fell beneath their razor-sharp edges.

    The Brothers' War

  • "O Clear Evolved Ones abiding in the ten directions, by my building up as a good habit the three unshatterable diamond-strong ones, make me a holder of the three diamond-strong and cause me, right now, to remain inspired."

    Abbreviated Single-Deity Kalachakra Sadhana

  • Safely, confidently, his faith buoyed up by the seas, and protected by walls whose mortar was the salt of 'the sea and whose unshatterable units were the ships of the British Navy-safely and confidently, tunelessly too, if need be, the veriest yokel in the British countryside could sing at the top of his voice, "Britons never, never, never shall be slaves".

    What Is the Navy Doing?

  • Morgan's unshatterable optimism, Ferrer's volcanic energy, and his own friendship for Morcombe made things bearable at all.

    The Loom of Youth


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