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  • adjective Not shifted.


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  • The shifted component is due to scattering against free or almost free electrons, so that they may recoil, thereby taking up momentum and a sizeable amount of energy, whereas the unshifted component is due to scattering against bound electrons, in which case the whole atom or even crystal takes up momentum but only a negligible amount of energy.

    The Dual Nature of Light as Reflected in the Nobel Archives

  • Those shifted, of course, with increased food, grew vigorously and strong, while the unshifted remained comparatively stunted; and to-day, Dec. 1st, the 'black rust' shows itself on nearly every plant, and the microscope shows on every affected leaf hundreds of these insects, feeding like sheep on a pasture field, while on the shifted plants none whatever can be found.

    Gardening by Myself

  • "But he is alive," said Syd, softly; and he proceeded to examine his bandages, thankful to find that the bleeding had stopped, and the splints, thanks to the board beneath the sufferer's leg, unshifted.

    Syd Belton The Boy who would not go to Sea

  • London life, often shabbily genteel, rowdyish, pale, wearing the unbrushed coat, unshifted linen, and unwashed faces of yesterday, as well as the haggardness of last night's jollity in a gin-shop.

    Our Old Home A Series of English Sketches A Series of English Sketches

  • If the thermalization is slower, the interference pattern will be predicted at an unshifted place - because gravity only arises from the thermalization in his picture - which will contradict the observations that the phases and interference patterns are exactly as shifted as the equivalence principle predicts.

    The Reference Frame

  • Set you metering with the lens unshifted (as the camera becomes totally confused by a shifted lens)


  • Bottom line though, stitching gets you real pixels in all directions, and unshifted, at f5. 6, this lens easily out-resolves the 550D with "toe-infinity" DOF.

    News: Digital Photography Review (

  • If you're on about what I think you're on about, he's using a Digitech Whammy to shift the pitch of the note up an octave (hence the sweeping sound towards the note) and then rocking the pedal back to give the original (unshifted) note.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • "We were left with the autonomously driven circadian protein transcription the 24-hour component which was unshifted by the feeding change," Hogenesch says.

    Health News from Medical News Today

  • First the mapping between shifted and unshifted characters (on a Mac US keyboard):

    Planet Haskell


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