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  • v. Present participle of unshift.


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  • He stares through unshifting, dust-speckled air and sees beams of rough-hewn wood.


  • The game played by human rights organizations of what I have sometimes called “serial absolutism” is a special case in game theory of serially “moving the goalposts,” which in turn is a special case of serial insincere promising these are the absolute, unshifting standards, we really, really promise this time!

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Follow-on Drone Hearing

  • Fundamentalists are those with unshifting world-views.

    So Sue Me - The Panda's Thumb

  • Out from their shining spherical surfaces darted rays of the same pale gold, rigid, unshifting, with the same suggestion of frozen stillness.

    The Metal Monster

  • He led them, over blessedly unshifting rock, for what seemed to McCoy an interminably long time, until he brought them to the door of one of the buildings.


  • The fun in this life, the good jobs, the rich husbands, were not a matter of merit and hard work, but were a matter of brute, unshifting biology.

    Tears Of The Giraffe

  • The English-speaking democracies, in firm union, can and ought to be the unshifting ballast of a better world.

    Defenders of Democracy; contributions from representative men and women of letters and other arts from our allies and our own country, edited by the Gift book committee of the Militia of Mercy

  • There will also be natural propriety in using an eastern light for bedrooms and libraries, a western light in winter for baths and winter apartments, and a northern light for picture galleries and other places in which a steady light is needed; for that quarter of the sky grows neither light nor dark with the course of the sun, but remains steady and unshifting all day long.

    The Ten Books on Architecture

  • For instance, nobody draws the light for covered wine rooms from the south or west, but rather from the north, since that quarter is never subject to change but is always constant and unshifting.

    The Ten Books on Architecture

  • Boy as he was, there flashed through his easy-going brain some vague unformed recognition of the unshifting national responsibility which weighs upon the shoulders of the greatest and the least.

    The Native Born or, the Rajah's People


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