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  • adj. Not smoothed

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  • adj. not having been made smooth by having hands run over the surface


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un- +‎ smoothed


  • If you look at those unsmoothed figures again, and average them out over decades, you'll find that the last decade of the 20th century is the warmest complete decade in the instrumental record.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The black cloth hangings, which, on the late mournful occasion, replaced the tattered moth-eaten tapestries, had been partly pulled down, and, dangling from the wall in irregular festoons, disclosed the rough stonework of the building, unsmoothed either by plaster or the chisel.

    The Bride of Lammermoor

  • I refer, of course, to research well beyond the "hockey stick", which was made by adding filters and smoothing to flatten a long and very variable temperature record ie the medieval warm period and Little Ice Age except, of course, for the last 30-60 years which couldn't be smoothed in the same way, and thus stayed unsmoothed, resulting in, conveniently, an upswing.

    EU can't meet it's Kyoto targets...

  • Next, here is the same graph with the unsmoothed yearly PDO overlaid over the temperature data:

    Wilson et al 2007 « Climate Audit

  • It seems like the only correlation that should count is between unsmoothed time series, yet smoothing is a common practice and correlations are made between smoothed series.

    Unthreaded #7 « Climate Audit

  • This plot 500mb geopotential height may be hard to grasp at first, especially in this unsmoothed form.

    Emanuel Article « Climate Audit

  • If one sees a step function or whatever in the unsmoothed graphics that is the advantage of looking at the data both ways.

    Anthony Watts at UCAR « Climate Audit

  • The r for the unsmoothed data is -0.53, by the way, which is not bad for reanalysis numbers.

    Unthreaded #10 « Climate Audit

  • Would you be so kind as to post the unsmoothed data?

    Wilson Spaghetti Graph « Climate Audit

  • I noticed their attempt to correlate air temperature and sea ice extent over 1953-1977 gave, at best, r= -0.2 unsmoothed data, Figure 13.

    Unthreaded #8 « Climate Audit


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