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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unsnarl.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. straightened out


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  • The secretary doubted whether such a tangle could be unsnarled and a new solution sewn together within that time, but it was pointless to say so.

    The Mistaken Wife

  • For once in a lifetime, afternoon traffic in Tijuana is unsnarled and ERRE spurs his Chevy Silverado through the Zona Rio roundabouts, past the giant statue of Father Kino and the utopian sphere of the Cultural Center, until we reach the Avenida Internacional, the long straightaway next to the corrugated steel futility of the border wall.

    Mike Davis: A Day Without Tourists

  • Moreover, a number of neighborhoods are benefiting from the $15 billion Big Dig roadway project that unsnarled many city streets and added a series of parks where an elevated highway once stood.

    'Big Dig' Done, Office Developments Rise

  • Or the populist in him -- the former mayor who unsnarled Taipei's traffic and cleaned up its sewers -- might choose to keep China at arm's length, blocking direct trade and transport links with the mainland in a bid to keep factories and jobs at home.

    See Chen Run

  • He has whittled away at the government's bureaucratic deadwood, eliminated many redundant agencies and unsnarled much of the red tape that has long made official business a nightmare.

    Silvio Slips Up

  • I unsnarled the lines and threw her pole into the boat—along with the flapping red snapper.


  • As I am a fully actualized being, I kissed Shrimp on the lips, which unsnarled his lips just fine.


  • "I'm sure his credit line must be unsnarled by now," Chandris put in before Kosta could answer, tossing the screwdriver back into the tool tray in disgust.


  • Her fingers stiff and cold, Kristin unsnarled the tangled reins and unhooked the harness that trapped Thunder.

    Girls To The Rescue Book #3

  • His rope belt was not tasselled, but perfectly end-spliced; only his bootlaces revealed haste or impatience, one being tied with sailor's knots, the other whipped into tangles that the mechanical arms of the robots unsnarled with difficulty.



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