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  • adj. Not socialist; contrary to the tenets of socialism.


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un- +‎ socialist


  • Mr. Kim called markets "a hotbed for an unsocialist phenomenon and capitalist factors," according to the portrayals of the speech gleaned by the researchers.

    In North Korea, Then as Now, Anxiety About 'Markets'

  • "Markets are both home to and a hotbed for unsocialist phenomena and capitalist factors in the economic sectors," Mr. Kim said.

    A Dictator Steeped in Myth

  • Health care, health care everywhere and not a drop unsocialist!

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Inaccurate legal claim from the Democratic Governors Association

  • Even the word itself, “asparagus,” sounds as decadent as “pineapple” and “quail” from a Mayakovsky poem, the two truly unsocialist foods eradicated in 1917 along with the tsar.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Federalism hardly equates to socialist does it - the United States of America is a federation and it's economic policies at federal level are or have been until recently... extremely unsocialist.


  • Last week, new numbers showed that parts of German industry are growing at double-digit rates not seen since the go-go 1960s, thanks in part to some decidedly unsocialist economic reforms.

    Calculating to A Fault

  • The policies of Obama are faaaar more to the right than even the right-most party in Norway, who are VERY unsocialist.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • The passage struck me, because I had just been listening to an economist friend with liberal, free-market views, who manages a mutual fund prescribe exactly that unsocialist cure for the current banking crisis.

    The Progressive

  • Even the smallpox story, it turns out, testifies to a decidedly unsocialist fact: we can't defend ourselves against biological attacks without the private capital and expertise of a thriving, nimble, endlessly innovative civilian drug industry.

    Latest Articles

  • That pleases the centre-right European leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy, who have therefore backed Barroso on the grounds that they want him to succeed in his manoeuvrings to parachute an unsocialist socialist into the European presidency.

    Gates of Vienna


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