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  • n. Plural form of unsophisticate.


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  • We\'ll consider the nomenclature and its ambiguity, as well as the exploitation of this ambiguity to co-opt unsophisticates to facilitate a pernicious enemy, effect an invisible and bloodless coup, and steal their birthright. '

    On Liberalism, American Conservatism and Reactionary neo-Conservatism: exploiting ambiguous nomenclature

  • Now then, is it just me or is this another gratuitous dig at those moose-hunting Alaskan unsophisticates ?

    Archive 2008-12-30

  • The Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the raising of Lazarus, even the Old Testament miracles, all are freely used for religious propaganda, and they are very effective with an audience of unsophisticates and children.

    Dawkins the Meme-Daddy

  • Nevertheless, for what it's worth, those are my two cents: anti-aging research proposals can be made more attractive to generally conservative funding groups by emphasizing the bite sized piece that is the specific scope of each individual project, not the big picture where one would face the choice of either saying "cure for aging" or leaving it unsaid and assuming that grantors are such unsophisticates as to be incapable of reading between the lines.

    The Speculist: Life Extension is Gaining Acceptance

  • Are you implying that we "young viewers" are culturally illiterate unsophisticates?

    Time's "Top 100" Movies.

  • But I'd also suggest that older people tend to be culturally illiterate unsophisticates as well.

    Time's "Top 100" Movies.

  • Any Irish reader who wants to save being offended can skip the last quarter of the article which leaves an impression that the Ireland is a land of fairies, potato farmers and rural unsophisticates.

    The Guardian World News

  • Katie and Micah are young, rising middle-class unsophisticates who share a two-story house in a San Diego subdivision.

    The Vail Trail - All Sections

  • Goldberg alludes she is a bigot regarding the god people as low brow and, I guess, stupid unsophisticates.

    Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll

  • The GOP and government policy haven't been very kind to either the sophisticates (except for the extremely wealthy) or unsophisticates, but even the unsophisticated eventually figure out when they've been had.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


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