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  • verb Present participle of unspell.


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  • "As soon as we've read it ourselves -- you handle the spelling and unspelling, I'll translate the engineerese -- we'll get in touch with Barney Sturlason and -- and --" My voice sputtered out.

    Operation Luna

  • We may then go further, and see in this unspelling incident, performed, as in the Enchanted Princess stories, in this way, at a haunted spot, frequently on a day of special sanctity, one more proof that the princess herself was in the earlier shape of the traditions no other than a goddess.

    The Science of Fairy Tales An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology

  • To our thinking, it says little for the German way of doing business that the difficulty in unspelling the castle near Lossin, and the maiden who dwelt therein, was to buy a pair of shoes without bargaining and cheapening their price, but to pay for them exactly the piece of money which the maiden handed to the youth who undertook the enterprise.

    The Science of Fairy Tales An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology

  • And she went to the hen-wife, who taught her an unspelling catch which would keep Nix Nought Nothing awake as long as the gardener's daughter liked.

    English Fairy Tales

  • June Bug still hasn’t got a read on whether the unspelling worked.”

    Memory of Fire

  • a clock; why it should have an unspelling influence is hard to say.

    English Fairy Tales


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