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  • adj. Not spiced.


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un- +‎ spiced


  • One study at Malmà University Hospital in Sweden showed that up to two hours after eating, people who ate cinnamon-spiced rice pudding measured significantly lower blood-glucose levels than those who had eaten the unspiced version.

    Dr. Eric Braverman: New Year, Younger You: 20 Anti-aging Herbs and Spices You Must Add to Your Diet Now

  • Le Taverne Saint Martin has an abbey bier as their house specialty, along with an amber, a blonde, and a blanche basically, an unspiced wit.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • He had graduated from salad to some mild cheese and unspiced meats.

    The Eagle And The Nightingale

  • That the Arrowhead annals are, as yet, unspiced with a crime of violence is due, I consider, to Lew Wee's superb control of his facial muscles.

    Ma Pettengill

  • While pleasure unspiced by pain is still a novelty there is no reason thus to spice it.

    Laurus Nobilis Chapters on Art and Life

  • The raw and unspiced stuffings of Master Brook convey to him no hint of mistrust: he drinks them in with unfaltering confidence; and opens his breast to this total stranger as freely as if he were his sworn and long-tried counsellor; the offered bribe of the man's money so falling in with the other baits of greed as to swamp his discretion utterly.

    Shakespeare His Life Art And Characters

  • But, alas! explosion has succeeded explosion so rapidly that novelty itself ceases to appear new; and it is possible that now, even a simple story wholly unspiced with politics or personality, may find some attention amid the hubbub of Revolutions, as to those who have remained a long time by the falls of Niagara, the lowest whispering becomes distinctly audible.

    Biographia Epistolaris, Volume 1.

  • I mean, I love bran muffins as much as the next guy, but is Canada really going to just roll over and accept this practical, unspiced (I'm not saying "flavorless," because I admit bran muffins are tasty), unaromatic, home-bound and yes, boring, assignment of what it means to be Canadian?

    Diner's Journal

  • Indeed, spiced rum is so hot right now that otherwise unspiced brands - or brands that aren't rum - are angling in.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • With crackers or chips, use something that is neutral and bland, like English wheat products or other unspiced items.

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