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  • adj. nonsponsored


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ sponsored


  • The remaining ADRs are unsponsored, meaning that they're managed by a bank without company involvement.

    A Primer On Buying Abroad

  • What exactly comprises "unsponsored" medical care is somewhat murky, although that's set to change with new regulations instituted by the Internal Revenue Service that take effect this year.

  • By elevating him from his position as one fighter among a mass of conflicting groups, the US campaign to "villainise Zarqawi" glamorised him with its enemy audience, making it easier for him to raise funds, to attract "unsponsored" foreign fighters, to make alliances with Sunni Iraqis and to score huge impact with his own media manoeuvres.

    The News is - The News is Now Public

  • But while Normans held the throne for nearly a hundred years, and while brilliant poets and storytellers enchanted French-speakers under the Plantagenets, English-speakers were remaking their language in an utterly “unsponsored” way, below the radar of official French.

    The English Is Coming!

  • On Grace N Michelle, they do both sponsored and unsponsored blogs.

    Steve Rosenbaum: The People Powered Web

  • The unsponsored competition, a victim of the sport's reduced income, will not be missed by punters, racegoers or bookmakers but certainly made a difference to the lives of those lucky enough to end the season at the top of the leaderboard.

    Lack of funds brings an end to jump racing's Order of Merit

  • "They've been sort of unsponsored, if you will, almost orphaned in the marketplace," Mr. Luschini said of large-cap tech stocks.

    Shiny Newcomers Steal Glow From Old Tech

  • "Make sure you don't get unsponsored," Luther responds.

    Exclusive Clip: Zeke and Luther Stars Find Perks With New Sponsorship

  • JIM MIDDLETON: But Minister, it is fair to say that Indian students accounted for a disproportionately high number of the unsponsored positions, and therefore that Indians will be more affected than many other countries and this could cause a backlash?

    Transcript - Interview with Jim Middleton, Newshour

  • Without any knowledge about how to deal with polar bears in the wild (or unexpected competition from two gay Norwegian hikers who are not just carbon neutral, vegetarian, organic, and unsponsored, but a whole lot faster on their feet than the British duo), Brian and Mark start their training by dragging tires across meadows and trying to acclimate themselves to the cold in a meat locker (despite their claim to be strict vegetarians).

    George Heymont: Baby, It's Cold Outside!


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