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  • adv. In an unsporting way; unfairly.

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  • adv. in an unsportsmanlike manner


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  • This page unsportingly suggests that the mound is a 13th-century motte which had nothing to do with Pepin, but I'll take my romance where I can find it, thanks.

    Dental development

  • It's a Roman religion that lived alongside Christianity for a while until the Christians unsportingly but unsurprisingly decided they didn't really like sharing.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Florida: the excitement is mainly now in the governors race, since Charlie Crist unsportingly ducked out of the Republican primary for the senate seat

    Florida, Arizona primary election results - as it happened

  • Remarkably, two North-South pairs were reluctant to sell out to anything by the opponents, preferring instead to play in no fewer than six spades (unsportingly doubled by East).

    A strange contract at the European Championships

  • There were times when the Colonials did this tin soldier face-off, but also times when they unsportingly fire from hiding, ambushing the superior numbers of redbacks, even shooting them in the back.

    "Kill Him!"

  • Most of these missives were fanatical screeds no doubt written with a crayon firmly wedged between the toes the writer's arms being unsportingly straitjacketed...deunciations of Jimmy Carter, the U.N., flouridation of water, and the flying monkeys were a daily event.

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • It had been the single officer who had been pursued by the dragoons and whose arrival in the valley had prompted the duel who had ended it so unsportingly.

    Sharpe's Battle

  • Seeth would have gladly given Taumun a fight, but the manager had unsportingly called upon the assistance of a couple of ursine types just small enough to squeeze through the hallways-provided they advanced one at a time, in single file.

    Glory Lane

  • However unsportingly, Oprah has locked up tight most of the people who get whatever it is about her that we don't.

    The New Yorker

  • We're talking about a 4794-pound sport-ute with a decidedly unsportingly high center of gravity, but it's crisper in the curves than you'd think. - Business News


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