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  • adj. Not sprung.


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un- +‎ sprung


  • The chassis-tuning details are pretty arcane, but they include firmer springs in front and much firmer springs in back; as well as stiffer control arm and subframe bushings; thicker antiroll bars front and rear; lighter wheels and tires (less unsprung mass) and a general, sympathetic harmonizing between suspension, wheel-and-tire package and powertrain.

    Fanboys in Flight: Subaru Roars In on a Wing

  • After the unsprung cages have been baited for a week so the badgers become familiar with them, the traps are set, a laborious, low-tech process involving peanuts, a rock, wire and good old string.

    Do we have to shoot the badgers?

  • At moderate speeds in moderate corners, the CC rolls like a capsizing ore ship, and yet the tighter suspension can't seem to rein in the 20-inch wheels' unsprung mass, which on rough roads will trammel and judder frantically.

    A Nissan at CrossPurposes With Competence

  • It's as contemporary as it is traditional, equally at home in a minimalist apartment or an unsprung country house.

    Fresh Picks

  • Reply zippyflounder says ding ding ding … you hit the nail on the head re the unsprung weight both for the wheel design and the in hub motors … well done kid.

    You don’t climb into a MMR25 to be a driver… » Yanko Design

  • All wheel control arms and several other suspension components are made from aluminum, and these, with several other aluminum components, greatly reduce unsprung masses to enhance efficiency.

    The CEO's Suite

  • The big problem, as I understand it, is the unsprung mass of the wheel.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » The electrification of motoring

  •  Out of the suit, unsprung on a king-sized hotel bed, his skin paler than she had at first thought, she was still transfixed: the stubble along his jaw, the small hard muscles in his calves, his forearms, an odd curling leaf tattooed high on one shoulder.

    Everything is Fine

  • Marriages have been sundered, careers wrecked, confidences shattered, boners unsprung.

    Pieces of Lou, pt. 2

  • Huw opens the door to the bridge, clutching his head, to find Bonnie perched on the edge of a vast, unsprung chair, screaming imprecations at the air.

    Boing Boing: January 22, 2006 - January 28, 2006 Archives


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