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  • adjective Alternative spelling of unstabilized.


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  • Community members would understandably be reluctant to do this and the site would become covered with pits, some containing unstabilised faecal matter hazardous to human health.

    17. Environmental Sanitation

  • Retempering a mortar which has already taken with water is not permissible as the stabilisation could not occur in good conditions and the strength of the ultimate mortar would be very low (in certain cases even lower than that of an unstabilised earth mortar).

    Chapter 7

  • When using unstabilised CEBs, they should not be wet too much to avoid damaging them.

    Chapter 7

  • In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to use unstabilised earth mortar for the masonry of stabilised earth blocks (e.g. well protected walls subject to little stress).

    Chapter 7

  • Mixing is carried out with earth which has already been mixed with water and is therefore in a liquid state (see preparing unstabilised earth mortars).

    Chapter 7

  • Stocks of unstabilised compressed earth blocks should be protected from rain in order to avoid surface erosion.

    Chapter 7

  • Although there are now some signs of change, whereby stabilised soil may be allowed, it will be necessary in many countries first to convince the authorities of the suitability of this material, especially when compared to unstabilised soil.

    Chapter 11

  • Figure V. 9 shows the results of an abrasive test run on various unstabilised and stabilised soil samples, as well as a sand/cement mortar sample.

    Chapter 8

  • Figures I. 1 and I. 2 illustrate the difference after three years of exposure: unstabilised blocks have been eroded while stabilised blocks were not.

    Chapter 4

  • This machine can crush 2-inch diameter and 2-inch high cylinders made from unstabilised soil.

    Chapter 8


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