unstandardized love


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  • adj. Not standardized.


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  • I can only imagine this could make for some really compelling literature -- after all, it was the flexibility of the English language that gave Shakespeare such leeway for brilliance in his day -- but when daily news depends on clarity and brevity, overcoming a basic problem like an unstandardized language is no small feat.

    Victoria Fine: Why Can't Kurdish Journalists Write Well? A Look at Modern Media in Iraq

  • What I mind is the raw extremism and unstandardized starring system of those sites.

    Reading Reviews

  • The openness mess is already turning Android phones into a clusterfuck of unstandardized interfaces and end-user confusion.

    Android Phones Surpasse iPhone In Web Traffic | Lifehacker Australia

  • If some students need the type of untimed, unstandardized, essay test that the WASL exemplifies, let them have it.

    Sound Politics: On Math Standards, Expectations, Parenting & "Special Ed"

  • The jury trial of a murderer is a unique, unstandardized event, the exact legal opposite of a garnishment or a parking ticket.

    A History of American Law

  • The failure to verify by scenario 5d, including only two PCs derived from unstandardized data in the MM centering convention, demonstrates that the bristlecone/foxtail pine records are important for the 1400-1449 network–the information they add to PC4 in this way of calculating the PCs is necessary for a meaningful climate reconstruction.

    NAS Panel #2: Bristlecones « Climate Audit

  • Correction of inaccurate renderings would also require removing all references to MM “presenting” an alternative reconstruction; removing all reference to MM or MBH “centering conventions” and using neutral language such as covariance matrix, correlation matrix, or uncentered; removing all reference to tree ring chronologies being “unstandardized” since they are all pre-standardized; etc.

    Letter to Climatic Change « Climate Audit

  • The AAUW study was seriously flawed, relying on unstandardized measures and exaggerating small differences.

    Generation Me

  • French, the English language, undeveloped and unstandardized, could make its appeal only to the unlearned.

    Early Theories of Translation

  • For there is no reason to believe that the level of the highest of the hitherto unstandardized rates is, of necessity, the one at which the most favorable balance of interests is established.

    The Settlement of Wage Disputes


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