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  • adjective Not stayed or held back.
  • adjective Not wearing stays.


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un- +‎ stayed


  • In Salzburg once Dick had felt the superimposed quality of a bought and borrowed century of music; once in the laboratories of the university in Zurich, delicately poking at the cervical of a brain, he had felt like a toy-maker rather than like the tornado who had hurried through the old red buildings of Hopkins, two years before, unstayed by the irony of the gigantic Christ in the entrance hall.

    Tender is the Night

  • And they spread fire and dismay abroad, and they marched on unstayed until they came unto the White Castle, the fortress wherein Iran put its trust.

    The Epic of Kings

  • Both did confusedly boil in me, and hurried my unstayed youth over the precipice of unholy desires, and sunk me in a gulf of flagitiousnesses.

    The Confessions

  • Fiona Macleod is the classic instance of this frothy Celtic spirit which is unstayed by human truth or relevance to life; and there is much of this in contemporary Irish poetry.

    Personality in Literature

  • "We," said William James, meaning the Pragmatists, or the Humanists, "turn to the great unpent and unstayed wilderness of truth as we feel it to be constituted, with as good a conscience as rationalists are moved by when they turn from our wilderness into their neater and cleaner intellectual abodes."

    Personality in Literature

  • Sunday custom, so clearly did the tale now begun by the preacher bring again before my eyes those inhuman sands, that lonely sky, and the unstayed power of the sea.

    Women of the Country

  • The general method of operation of making stayed chains according to my invention is so far similar to the methods heretofore proposed for making unstayed chains from the bar of cruciform section that the links are formed alternately out of the one and the other pair of diametrically opposite webs of the rod, the links, when severed and completed, being already enchained together at the time of their formation.

    Scientific American Supplement No. 819, September 12, 1891

  • Armistice in 1918 both produced monoplanes with very deep all-metal wings (including the covering) which were entirely unstayed externally, depending for their strength on internal bracing.

    A History of Aeronautics

  • Both did confusedly boil in me, and hurried my unstayed youth over the precipice of unholy desires, and sunk me in a gulf of flagitiousness.

    The Second Book

  • A stout, unstayed buncher filled a long-felt want by flinging open a window.

    V. V.'s Eyes


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